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Having issues with your computer networking and/or internet security? Home or office, we have the right internet security and networking solutions to suit you!

Most people don’t know, but before there was the Internet, there was basic networking. The first network was used to send simple messages and small bites of information between computers. Now, the networks that we take for granted everyday are exchanging vast amounts information that is integral for the smooth operation of millions of businesses around the world.

A network is simply a word to describe two or more computers communicating and sharing information with each other. A network connection describes how those computers are communicating with each other. Most commonly computers communicate through a wired or a wireless connection.

There are many considerations to take into account when setting up your network for the first time. Firstly, the type of connection is essential to ensuring you are getting the most out of your setup. And secondly, the technology that is used to support the network connection is integral to ensuring the stability and reliability of your network.

South Florida PC Support  technicians have the right training and experience to handle all networking issues, no matter how big or small. We can consult with your business to setup a local, national or global network, or we can come to your home to get your computer talking to your TV and your TV talking to your fridge -if it’s one of those fancy ones!

We understand it’s all very complicated for you, but it’s all very simple for us! That’s why you’re in great hands when you choose South Florida PC Support to provide you with the best network support services.

Here’s a list of most common problems that we encounter, if your problem doesnt appear here then don’t worry we can still help call us for a free no obligation quote at 954-410-2068:

-New Office Network installations
-Network Password Reset
-Internet/Cable/Broadband/Dialup/ADSL/3G/4G Connection Troubleshooting
-Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup & Troubleshooting
-Email Troubleshooting POP/SMTP/IMAP
-Wireless (WiFi) Networking Troubleshooting
-Apple Airport/Airport Extreme troubleshooting and setup
-Ethernet Card Troubleshooting/Replacement
-Network Printer Setup /Troubleshooting
-Network Storage Device Setup/Maintenance
-TCP/IP Protocol Conflict and Configuration Issues
-DHCP and DNS Troubleshooting
-Slow internet or network bandwidth performance troubleshooting
-Port Forwarding/Firewall Configuration
-Internet/Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security setup and troubleshooting
-Voice Over IP VOIP Setup and Troubleshooting

Here’s a list of most common problems that we encounter, if your problem doesnt appear here then don’t worry we can still help call us for a free no obligation quote at 954-410-2068:

South Florida PC Support  provides same day onsite or remote support for your home or business network. We understand that staying online is extremely important, that’s why our technicians can come to your home or office fix even the most difficult networking problems. From network installations to software and hardware upgrades and repairs, we are always ready to cure any networking related problems - guaranteed! Our technicians are hand-selected and each one has been highly trained in all things IT, including:

•  Network installations, upgrades and troubleshooting;
•  Data backup and disaster recovery; and
•  Virus protection and removal

All services network and internet security services are backed by our No Fix No Fee™ policy  - giving you piece of mind that your technology investment is well cared for! Call us at our local  today  at 954-410-2068 for a free quick quote over the phone.

Most Common Network & Internet Issues that we fix

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