File & Data Security

How safe is your network? What would happen if you lost all your data and files on your computer? Online treats are more prevalent than ever.

As you may already know, having the internet provides many good possibilities and knowledge where you can search for just about anything. But with the good also comes the bad and without having the right protection on your computer, your files and network can be exposed to some very undesirables.

These days a simple website can show thousands of different ads and catch-phrase lines that before you know it you have landed yourself with a lovely virus or worse a hacker has access to you banking information or passwords.

It is very common for parents to call as they are concerned about their child’s activity over the net. Our technicians are more than experienced to block certain sites (and advertisements) or to clock a certain period of time that your child is allowed to access the internet so they can finish their homework! Better still, many businesses call to have pages blocked to keep their workers from getting distracted through the day like blocking Facebook!

As these are some of our extreme common scenarios, it is also common for our clients to want to make sure that their internet they are using daily is safe and protected. Luckily for you, we can provide you with the best internet security and firewall solutions and also advise you of any situations that may arise in your future.

“How can your technicians help me with online security?”

A common question that many computer users will ask and is  more relevant today than ever! Some of the other common areas that our technicians can assist you in is;
•  Keeping your data completely secure
•  Minimise the threat of identity theft
•  Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of internet banking scams and other threats
•  Safeguard your PC from viruses, spyware and other threats
•  Keeping your internet/network running at optimal performance
•  Keeping important documents and information out of reach from online hackers
•  Help you recover from a threat or disaster
•  Restore lost data or a compromised security event.
•  Keeping your children’s internet activity safe and limited
•  Block employees from using certain websites or help you to keep track of your employees usage

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